Q. What is the first step to getting started with CRI Services?

A. This often depends on which program or service you are interested in. For long-term care services, the first thing to do is to contact your local ADRC. There are ADRC’s in each county. The ADRC will determine if you are functionally and financially eligible for long term support. From there you would choose what long term support services you would like such as Prevocational, Supported Employment or Life Skills services. In most areas, you can choose to work with an MCO or IRIS. Once you have established long term support the MCO care manager or IRIS consultant would contact CRI to make a referral.

If you are interested in community employment services, you may follow the steps identified above, or contact your local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation office.

Q. What makes someone eligible or how does someone qualify for services at CRI?

A. Eligibility criteria for services at CRI are relatively broad and depend on the program or service. In most cases, a person needs to have an interest in being employed or interested in working towards becoming more independent, have a documented disability (although not a requirement for all programs), and be able to independently take care of personal cares.

Q. What is CRI’s relationship with DVR?

A. CRI is a vendor for DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation). DVR contracts with CRI to provide services such as; job placements, job development, job coaching, job trials, and assessments.

Q. How do I refer someone to CRI?

A. To refer someone to CRI contact the main office (715) 726-7822 and ask to speak to a Services Manager. The Services Manager will assist you in determining if someone would be eligible for services offered at CRI.

Q. What is your Life Skills Program about?

A. CRI’s Life Skills program assists individuals learn skills in order to live as independent as possible in the community. These services are highly individualized and usually require 1:1 support and training to an individual so they can live and integrate into their community as safely and independently as possible.

Q. I am a school counselor, how can I get my students connected with services at CRI?

A. Contact a CRI Services Manager to assist you through the process to see if the person would be eligible for services.

Q. Can my high school students receive services during the summer at CRI?

A. CRI has partnered with Xcel Energy to provide work opportunities throughout the summer months to students with disabilities or at-risk-youth. During the summer students are offered real life work opportunities, learn soft and hard skills, and earn a paycheck.

CRI also contracts with schools to provide work opportunities and related services during the school year. A Memo of Understanding will be created between the school district and CRI to address funding for the time students receive services at CRI.

Q. Can anyone work at CRI?

A. No, not everyone can work at CRI. Please see the eligibility question above.

Q. Does CRI provide transportation?

A. CRI does not provide transportation services. Most individuals who receive services at CRI are transported to and from CRI via Tender Care Transport. The service is typically paid by the MCO or the care provider. People are also transported to CRI via Shared Ride, their care providers or some other way.

Individuals working within a DVR program will utilize specialized or public transportation.

Q. How do I access services from one of our satellite offices in Eau Claire, Rice Lake, Menomonie, or La Crosse?

A. Contact the CRI Regional Services Manager at 715-726-7822 for accessing services in these areas.

Q. What do you mean someone needs funding to receive services at CRI?

A. CRI has contracts with multiple Managed Care Organizations (MCO), DVR, School Districts, Counties, and IRIS. Contracts with other funding sources also exist such as DVR. Services provided by CRI generally need to have some sort of funding source available to pay the expense of the service. CRI works diligently to offset the costs of services with its enterprise/production services provided to private business and industry. This revenue helps ensure CRI maintains competitive service rates.

Still have questions? No problem! Give us a call at 715-726-7822